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Copyediting is usually done on the final word-processing draft of a document, before pages are formatted for print or the Web.

Basic copyediting:

  • editing for grammar, spelling, consistency, accuracy, completeness, and adherence to a style guide
  • checking spelling of names and internal consistency of facts
  • ensuring graphics and tables are consistent with text and labelled and numbered correctly

+ line editing (stylistic editing):

  • editing for concise, clear, bias-free text
  • creating transitions for flow and coherence between paragraphs and sentences
  • ensuring variety in sentence construction while maintaining consistency of voice and tone
  • checking that vocabulary and sentence length and complexity are appropriate for the required reading level

custom pricing

free sample edit with every project quote


Proofreading is done on the final form of document, usually after it’s been formatted for print or the Web.

  • reading for grammar and spelling
  • ensuring graphics and tables appear correctly
  • checking page numbers, table of contents, headers and footers

text only: $3.85 per typeset page (about 300 words)

text and illustrations: custom pricing

Report Tune-Up

Not sure if a full copyedit is right for you? Borrow some editorial expertise! I’ll evaluate your report, focusing on grammar, spelling, clarity, conciseness, and consistency, and give suggestions, with examples, of how you can fix common errors and add some polish.

$175 for the first 5,000 words

$85 for each following 5,000 words

Outline Development

I’ll help you turn your notes into a structured outline that addresses the purpose of the document and the needs of your intended readers.

$295 for up to 200 lines

custom pricing available

Structural Evaluation

Does your first draft of a document seem unfocused and disorganized? I’ll show you how you can structure it for coherent and logical flow.

$125 per 5,000 words

Structural/Developmental Editing

Each document is unique when it comes to structural or developmental editing; the process can be very different from one project to another and commonly involves some of the tasks below. I’ll work with you to determine the approach that will create the best document for your message and your audience.

  • developing a document outline from concept and notes
  • restructuring an outline or a document for logical order, flow, balance, and coherence
  • creating a template and layout for a modular document, based on information mapping and document design principles
  • combining material from different sources
  • integrating new material for revised or re-purposed text
  • developing graphics and tables
  • creating bibliographies, references, and notes
  • flagging quoted material that needs permission from its copyright holder
  • adapting print material for the Web and vice versa

custom pricing

Custom Style Guide

A style guide helps ensure consistency across all the documents that your organization produces. I’ll create a detailed custom guide based on a major style manual, such as The Chicago Manual of Style or The Canadian Press Stylebook, that covers the style matters (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, terminology, etc.) that your writers encounter every day.