Some Recent Projects

Lorne Tepperman, Cinthya Guzman, and Ioana Sendroiu, Picturing Social Problems (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2018).
Copyedited this university sociology textbook. 414 pp., photos, figures, tables, maps, references.

Robert M. Bone, The Regional Geography of Canada, 7th edn (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2018).
Proofread this university geography textbook. 480 pp., maps, figures, tables, photos, endnotes.

Mark Krause et al., An Introduction to Psychological Science, 2nd Canadian edn (Toronto: Pearson, 2018).
Proofread this university psychology textbook. 840 pp., photos, figures, boxed features, exercises and quizzes, references.

Stephen Brooks and Marc Ménard, Canadian Democracy: A Concise Introduction, 2nd edn (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2017).
Copyedited this university political science textbook. 480 pp., photos, figures, tables, references.

Philip Dearden and Bruce Mitchell, Environmental Change and Challenge: A Canadian Perspective, 5th edn (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2016).
Copyedited this university environmental studies textbook. 624 pp., tables, maps, figures, photos, glossary, and references.

David L. Kurtz et al., Contemporary Business, 2nd Cdn edn. (Toronto: Wiley, 2016).
Proofread this introductory college and university business textbook. 672 pp., boxed features, photos, figures, and tables.

Johanne Poirier, Cheryl Saunders, and John Kincaid, Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015).
Copyedited this scholarly volume of contributed essays. 528 pp., endnotes.

Iain Hay, Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography, 4th edn (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015).
Proofread this university geography textbook. 496 pp., figures, tables, endnotes.

Eric Henderson, Writing by Choice, 3rd edn (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015).
Copyedited this university English composition textbook. 480 pp., boxed features, tables, figures, appendices, answer key, and glossary.

Lance Roberts et al., Understanding Social Statistics (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015).
Copyedited this university statistics textbook. 504 pp., tables, figures, photos, answer key, glossary, and endnotes.

Irene McKay et al., Have Your Say! series vols. 1, 2, and 3 (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015).
Copyedited these workbooks for adult ESL students. Each volume about 252 pp., tables, figures, and photos, plus audio CDs.

Companion website for Gerald Manning et al., Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value, 7th Canadian edn (Toronto: Pearson, 2015).
Copyedited and/or production-edited website materials including instructor’s manual, quizzes, image library, Powerpoint presentations, and glossary flashcards.



Some Recent Clients

  • Oxford University Press Canada
  • Elsevier Canada
  • Pearson Canada
  • Cenveo